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At Llamau, we know that without the dedicated support of people like you we simply could not do what we do.
Your passion and commitment makes an incredible difference to us and to the lives of the people we are so privileged to support.  It goes without saying that Covid19 has caused untold hardship to young people and women across Wales, and because of the wide-reaching impact of the pandemic, we need your help now more than ever.  

This year, we’d like to invite you to make a pledge to Llamau. Whether you pledge to help us by taking on a new fundraising challenge, share more of our content online or help us campaign for change, your pledge will help bring us closer to a world without homelessness.  

01. Donate

I pledge to donate to Llamau this year, helping young people, women and children to move on with their lives, leaving homelessness and domestic abuse behind them.

02. Regular Giving

I pledge to become a regular giver to Llamau, donating a minimum amount each month to help keep essential services open that help young people, women and children when they need it most.

03. Share

I pledge to share more of Llamau’s messages and content on my social media, with my friends and family and with people I feel could benefit from their help or help them as a charity.

04. Sign up
to our Newsletter

I pledge to engage more with Llamau’s work, offering my help and support whenever possible. Sign up to our newsletter to find out what’s going on and how to get involved with our work.

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05. Fundraise

I pledge to fundraise for Llamau by hosting my own fundraising event or joining a challenge, where my efforts can be turned into actions, helping young people and women to live a life free from homelessness and abuse.

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